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What We Do


Basic Estate Planning

Click 'Download Report' above to have a copy of The Living and Legacy Documents. It simple and clear. It explains all the documents that are part of the basic estate planning package. You can download a questionnaire that will prompt you for the information necessary to get started.


Asset Protection

Maximize the benefits of entity planning using limited liabilities companies, corporations, etc. to minimize risks:

* Corporate Veil for business and investment risk

* Charging Order Only Protection from personal creditors and partners.

* Tax minimization

Advanced Planning


Once your basic estate plan is in place, there may other planning that you may want to consider, such as:

* Utah Domestic Asset Protection Trust

* Special Needs Trust

* Medicaid planning

* Post-nuptial Agreement

* Other trusts for capital gains tax planning

* Charitable Giving

Advanced Self-Directed IRA / 401(k) LLC



Get the maximum control of investing your IRA or 401(k). You can continue to invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but you can also invest in Real Estate, Gold and Silver, Cryptocurrencies, private companies, private notes and mortgages, option strategies, partnerships, etc. You, as the manager of your the IRA LLC owned by your IRA, make all the decisions by writing checks or using a debit card. No tax returns. Low administration fee.

5 Easy Steps to an

Advanced Self-Directed Checkbook IRA LLC

and IRA investment freedom


Step 1:  Open a new IRA account and transfer your IRA. (We do that for you.)


Step 2:  Setup a new LLC and get a tax ID number/EIN. (We do that for you.)


Step 3:  Instruct your new IRA custodian to purchase membership interest in LLC. (We do that for you.)

 We will submit all the initial setup materials to the custodian for you.


Step 4:  Open a checking account for your IRA LLC. (


Step 5:  Write checks from your IRA LLC checking account to purchase your IRA investments.


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